The security printing activity is of great importance to ensure the existence of trust in all relationships between State, citizens and organisations, which require authentic and reliable documents.

Carta de Condução - Tintas de segurança impressão fluorescente
Passaporte Eletrónico Português - Tintas de segurança impressão fluorescente

Although it extends to all of the company's areas, it is in the security printing activity that we clearly find the full significance of the INCM signature "The Value of Security".

Today, this is a strategic area for the development of the company, with the secure electronic services component being associated with the physical security elements incorporated into products and the security of facilities and management and control processes components.

In the security printing activity an emphasis should be placed on the production of documents of personal identification, bank cards and booklets, holograms, certificates and diplomas, as well as other graphic supports associated with value.

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