In the INCM there is a long tradition of manufacturing and commercializing medals and objets d'art related to the national heritage and art as well as to the celebration of events and important personalities of the Portuguese and world culture.

Medalha do Ano Internacional da Astronomia - Andreia Pereira
Medalha do Ano Internacional da Biodiversidade - Baiba ¦ime

Medalha do III Centenário da Passarola de Bartolomeu de Gusmão - António Canau
Objeto de Arte do Centenário do Nascimento de Vieira da Silva (1908-2008) - José Aurélio

The production of medals and objets d'art by the INCM is executed according to strict requirements and with high technical and artistic quality, shown by the extreme care in the selection of the art creators. All the professionals are Portuguese and many of them have received national and international awards.

The medals are produced by stamping, minting, casting or combining these with other techniques, in order to obtain innovative pieces. The objets d'art are casted using the "lost-wax" process.

Both the medals and the objets d'art are signed and have a guarantee certificate issued by INCM. These artefacts are available to the public in limited series and are all numbered.

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